Find the answers to some of the questions we’re most frequently asked at The SEO Lab. 

What is SEO? 

SEO is an acronym for ‘search engine optimisation’. SEO refers to a wide range of steps that you can take to improve your rankings on search engine rankings pages. These can include everything from speeding up your page loading times to adding relevant keywords to the content on your website. SEO can be a long process, and there are many things you can do both onsite and offsite to improve your search engine rankings. 

How does Google where to rank websites?

If you have an online presence and want people to be able to find your website so you can sell your products and services to them, SEO will be very important for your business. Companies that fail to optimise their websites for search engines risk being left behind by their competitors and losing a great deal of revenue. 

How does Google where to rank websites?

Google is said to use more than 200 different ranking factors when deciding where websites should rank when relevant keywords are searched for. It’s primary aim is to provide users with the most relevant answers from the most trustworthy and credible sources when people type queries into the search box. 

How can I find out what the best keywords for my company are? 

There are many tools available that will tell you what terms people are searching for when they’re looking for businesses like yours online. Building an effective SEO strategy can take time, and it’s always best to outsource this to online marketing professionals if you don’t have the resources to run your own in-house SEO department. 

Why might services like Google penalise my website? 

Websites can be penalised and sent down the search rankings for many reasons. Your site might be penalised if Google suspects you have used unethical ‘black hat’ tactics to achieve a better ranking. You may also face penalties if you have too many bad backlinks on unscrupulous websites, or if the Google algorithm has recently changed and you haven’t taken steps to comply with the search engine’s new expectations. We can help you if you have been penalised and need to put things right so you can improve your rankings and visibility. 

Do The SEO Lab offer website development services? 

No, we specialise in search engine optimisation. We are specialists in the field of bespoke organic SEO and have helped companies from a wide range of industries to enhance their online visibility. 

How much do The SEO Lab charge for bespoke organic SEO services? 

As no two clients’ needs are ever quite the same, we tailor our packages towards the specific requirements of each company we work with. The price that you pay for monthly SEO services will depend on what kind of assistance you need and how much of it you require. 

Why might it take a while for my search rankings to improve? 

In the past, it was much easier for sites to rise up the search engine rankings pages quickly. However, things have changed substantially over recent years. It can take some time for sites to rank highly organically as they need to build authority. Generally, you can expect to see your site rankings improving over the course of six months to a year, but there are many factors that might influence the time it takes to get to where you want to be. These can include your budget, how much competition you’re facing and what your competitors are doing. 

How can I write SEO-friendly content? 

If you are ready to produce SEO-friendly written content to send you rising up the rankings, it’s important to find out what your audience are interested in. Keyword research will tell you what kinds of terms your customers are searching for. The search engines love fresh informative content, so it is important to post regularly if you want to improve your rankings. If you don’t have the time or experience needed to create this kind of content yourself, we can assist you. Our in-house writers have many years of experience to draw upon and have produced useful, informative content for companies from a wide range of industries. 

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