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At The SEO Lab, we are here for you if you need a market-leading SEO penalty recovery service. If you have been penalised by a search platform like Google and the penalty is harming your search performance, we are here to put things right. We have provided penalty recovery services for companies from a wide range of industries and have an excellent track record when it comes to reversing SEO penalties.

Repair your rankings with The SEO Lab

There are many reasons why a website might be penalised by Google and see its search performance suffer as a result. Some of the reasons your site might have been penalised by Google or another search engine include links to low-quality sites, keyword stuffing and hidden text. Whatever you have been penalised for, you can count on the search experts at The SEO Lab to do everything in their power to reverse the penalty or penalties so you can start performing fantastically on search once more.

Over 40 years of combined SEO experience

At The SEO Lab, we have decades of search engine optimisation experience between us. This enables us to deliver the rankings you’re aiming for.

Subject matter experts in Google position recovery

If you appear to have slipped down the rankings, we can identify the cause of this before taking steps to return you to visibility.

Tried, tested and proven results

We have helped companies from a wide range of sectors to achieve high search engine visibility. No matter which industry you’re based in, we can help.

Regain traffic

If you have been penalised by Google or another search engine, you may have seen a substantial reduction in traffic. The loss of traffic to your site can have a devastating impact on your business, and you may lose a sizeable number of sales as a result. It’s essential to put things right as soon as you can to protect your business if you have been penalised by one of the major search platforms.

Although we are not the cheapest company offering search penalty removal services on the market, you can rest assured that we are one of the most effective. This means you can expect to see an outstanding return on investment when you do opt for our penalty removal services.

Search algorithm experts

Our search algorithm specialists keep themselves fully up to date with the very latest algorithmic changes made by Google and the other leading players in the search market. What might not get you penalised one year can get your site plummeting down the rankings the next year, so it’s vital to opt for a company that knows the latest updates inside out when you are looking for a penalty removal service.

Another great reason for choosing The SEO Lab when you do need to improve your search performance is that we only ever use ethical ‘white hat’ strategies, rather than attempting a quick fix with a ‘black hat’ method that will only worsen your position in the long run.

The penalty recovery process

We follow a stringent process when helping you recover from search engine penalties. The first step we take is to identify the problem that’s holding back your search performance. This process can take some time, as it’s not always simple to find out what you have been penalised for.

The process can include an audit of your backlinks, and we may also generate a report to see if you have been met with a Google Penguin or Panda penalty. Some sites are penalised manually rather than automatically, so we also look at Google Search Console to see if there is a notice from Google.

How we reverse search penalties

We use several methods to reverse search penalties. We are able to use a number of tools to retrieve data on links to and from your website. We also take a close look at each link in your backlink profile to find out which ones are helping or hindering your search performance. Another step that we can take is to remove low-quality content from your site or improve it if this is possible. We can also remove bad links from your site.

We can also file reconsideration requests with Google once we have made the changes. It’s worth noting that patience is the key when we’re in the process of reversing your search penalties. Google don’t always remove penalties immediately, and it can take some time to optimise your backlink profile. However, once these changes have been made, you can expect to fare much better on search engine ranking pages.

Contact us

We are eager to hear from you right now if you have been searching online for high-quality penalty removal services. Our penalty removal specialists go above and beyond to deliver the best possible service for your requirements. To reach us today, complete the form on our website, give us a call or send a message through our site. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we possibly can so we can swiftly get the wheels in motion.

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